This course is directed towards firefighters and officers, career, and volunteer.  The program examines the principle of fire ground control through utilization of personnel and equipment related to various emergency scenarios. Using video and model towns, students will manage the attack and coordinate the suppression of several structure fires in buildings of various occupancies. The focus is on Incident Command, size up, incident action planning and the development of strategies and tactics.  The importance of communication, and the roles and responsibilities of emergency personnel is examined in detail.

What You'll Learn

Students will:

  • Discuss fire behavior as it relates to strategies and tactics
  • Explain the main components of understanding smoke behaviour
  • Identify the basics of building construction and how they interrelate to strategy and tactics
  • Describe the steps taken during size-up, incident action planning and establishing command
  • Discuss the importance of the Incident Safety Officer and the Rapid Intervention Team positions
  • Examine the significance of fire ground communications and the chain of command 
  • Assume the role of Incident Commander and manage responding resources during a tabletop emergency response scenario

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