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We offer a wide variety of courses and training programs for fire and mine rescue teams including certified NFPA 1001 firefighter training, gas detection and atmospheric monitoring training, lockout tagout training, fall protection training, hot works fire watch programs, first responder medical training, technical rope rescue training, and confined space awareness programs.

For supervisors and mine rescue officers we offer incident command system (ICS 100) training, Emergency Scene Management Strategies and Tactics programs, and Incident Accountability training.

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Available Courses & Programs

First Aid Training

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the foundational course for healthcare professionals and trained first responders who provide care to patients in a wide variety of in-facility and prehospital settings. BLS is the cornerstone program for healthcare professionals.

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Auto Extrication

The Provincial Fire and Safety Auto Extrication course involves hands-on practical training and addresses scene safety, evaluation, and management. The students will gain hands-on experience using various methods to stabilize vehicles.

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Rapid Intervention Training

The purpose of a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) is to locate, and rescue lost, trapped, and injured firefighters at an emergency scene and injured firefighters during an emergency response. 

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Low/Steep Rope Rescue

This course covers the fundamental low and steep angle rope rescue skills required for accessing a person in a rescue situation or a vehicle and its occupants over a roadside embankment.

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Emergency Vehicle Operations

This program is delivered by Class 3 Licensed and Air Brake Endorsed Emergency Response career members. Our Instructors are certified Fire Service Evaluators and Instructors. The program is specific to the apparatus supplied by the client.

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Confined Space Standby Rescue

Our staff is comprised of emergency service members who are certified confined space standby rescue specialists. We can act as part of a confined space rescue team where entry into IDLH environments would be required to rescue an injured worker. Our members certification and training meet and exceeds WorkSafeBC requirements and includes patient packaging, SCBA and SAR use, chemical protection, rescue pre-plans, gas monitoring and ventilation.

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Confined Space Entrant Attendant

We provide team members for Confined Space Entrant / Attendant work who understands the nature of the hazards that may be found inside a confined space and can recognize signs, symptoms and behavioural effects that workers in the confined space could experience.

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Let us solve your training and emergency response challenges with high energy training programs designed to engage and motivate your team.  We build skill, confidence and team work!

Provincial Fire and Safety has always delivered a professional and positive training experience  whenever called upon and are always up to finding unique solutions for challenging problems. I’m happy to recommend the services of Provincial Fire and Safety. 

Darren Oike, Lillooet Fire Department

We have used the techniques taught by Provincial Fire and Safety Training to revamp our auto extrication operational guidelines. Their instructors are all active members in the Fire Service and provide up to date real world skills learned through experience.

Scott Schaffrick, Oliver Fire Rescue

The Provincial Fire and Safety team has always delivered the course we’ve requested in a professional and timely manner. The instructors always manages to deliver information in a way that benefits beginners and seasoned personnel equally. Our members have always provided positive feedback for weeks after a course.

John Laursen, Princeton Fire Department

The Provincial Fire and Safety Instructor team brings a dynamic to our fire hall that makes the members want to participate in training.  Our attendance always goes up on the days that the Provincial team is scheduled, and the training is always fantastic. 

Mark Hall, Pritchard Volunteer Fire Department

The  skill level they have brought to our group is of the highest standard. With their guidance and  support we have grown from a low functioning Volunteer Fire Department to a Fire  Department confident and ready to take on any scenario or incident. The content provided  during the training was presented in a clear and concise manner that was easily understood by  every member of our department. 

Ron Lampreau Jr., Simpcw First Nation

“We have enlisted the services of the Provincial Fire and Safety team on numerous occasions.  The training level provided is exceptional.  Provincial Fire and Safety Training is fully knowledgeable in a number of areas, providing invaluable information in the Fire Safety field.  Extremely professional in their delivery, while ensuring all students receive the help and support in understanding of the training material and hands on exercises.  This team comes highly recommended”

Bryan Griffin, White Lake Fire Department


Working & training with Provincial Fire & Safety on various levels with multiple companies has been a pleasure. From scheduling - to front line training, the knowledgeable team always delivers consistently & professionally. I intend to continue to build the skills of our Mine Rescue team with Provincial Fire & Safety’s effective first-class training programs and instructors.

Andrew Horton, Newcrest Red Chris Mine

The Provincial Fire and Safety Team, with countless years of firefighting experience and training, truly brings firefighting knowledge to every training session.  Their level of professionalism is outstanding.  The team keeps crews engaged with humor, knowledge, experience and actual firsthand accounts from emergency response and fire ground operations that always pertains to the lessons being instructed.  They are highly recommended.

Joshua White, Ashcroft Fire Rescue

We have been using Provincial Fire Safety for a few years now and have been very happy with the progress and results we have achieved.  The instructors are very personable, down to earth, and highly knowledgeable in the course materials presented.  They have assembled a top-notch crew of trainers, and we feel very confident in the success of our members. 

Tom Moe, Cache Creek Volunteer Fire Department

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